Vestas introduces BladeRobots A/S as a standalone company with an automated robotic technology solution that will enable a highly efficient and scalable solution for blade leading edge maintenance. The solution is originally developed and incubated at Vestas and has been spun out as standalone company to accelerate time-to-market and build scale.


BladeRobots A/S offers a unique solution that performs automated blade leading edge maintenance up to four times faster than conventional manual methods. This results in a cost-competitive and highly scalable solution with improved safety standards for the involved technicians. The novel robot solution can improve wind turbines’ Annual Energy Production by restoring the aerodynamic performance and reducing turbine downtime. The robotic solution leverages artificial intelligence to quickly adapt to all blade types in the industry.

Meet our team

Michael Svensson

CEO of BladeRobots
Michael has extensive wind knowledge through various positions in the wind supply chain. He also brings both operational and commercial experience into the team.

Rasmus Sole Nørgaard

Business Development Manager
Rasmus holds experiences from different positions within the wind industry. He is commercial minded and always ready to challenge status quo.

Board of Directors

Johnny Thomsen

Chairman of the board
Johnny brings expertise as former CEO of MHI Vestas. Furthermore, he has had leading roles within Vestas and has a broad network within the wind industry.

Dennis Conradsen

Board member of BladeRobots
Dennis has a wide knowledge when it comes to blades and is currently running a blade service business as CEO of Skagen Blade Technology.

Todd O’Neill

Board member of BladeRobots
Todd is an experienced technology investor with a strong strategic and commercial background from the finance sector. As CEO of Vestas Ventures, Todd is our arm into the Vestas organisation.